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NOHRPS Newsletter - February 09

Date Sent: 08/16/2010

Message from the President:


Dear Members:

As we all know, the country and Northeast Ohio are facing extremely challenging and difficult economic times. Many of your human resource colleagues are either leading RIF’s or are in transition themselves. Please make sure to mark your calendars for the March program to learn from your fellow experts and to network with your peers. I also encourage you to take time from your very busy day to help one another by assisting with and scheduling informational interviews.

Rather than take time at a program to share a “State of NOHRPS” report, I’d like to provide some information regarding the health and operations of your professional association. The Board of Directors meets four-to-five times per year. One meeting, traditionally held in the summer, is used to establish goals for the coming program year, while the remaining meetings measure our progress on achieving these goals. The Board also uses a dashboard to monitor its work; below is information on five of the metrics the Board uses:

Program Evaluation – We established two targets in this area. The first is to achieve an “overall” rating score of 4.3 and the second is to achieve an “appropriate content” score of 4.5 on a five point scale. During the 2007 and 2008 calendar years, we met both goals for 80 percent of the meetings. Thanks for the positive feedback, completing the evaluations at each meeting, and sharing your thoughts regarding current and potential presenters and topics.
Meeting Attendance - We’ve established two targets in this area. The first is an indicator of the interest in our program topics – to have a minimum of 100 registrants. The second is an indicator of the interest in our programs to our members. During the 2007 and 2008 calendar years, we met our registration goal for 80 percent of our meetings and our member attendance goal for 60 percent of our meetings.
Membership – Our goal is to have a minimum of 175 members and less than 20 percent turnover in membership each year. Our total membership dipped below our goal with this year’s renewal, however, NOHRPS continues to experience low turnover in membership. I attribute this data in part to the economic climate, but am pleased to see that so many members continue to find value in their NOHRPS membership.
Meeting Revenue and Expense – Our goal is to have meeting income exceed expenses over each calendar year. In 2007 NOHRPS’s meeting income exceeded expenses by approximately $4,500 but in 2008 meeting expenses exceed income by approximately $2,700. Meeting revenue and expenses typically range from $3-$5,000 per program.
Finances – Each year NOHRPS collects approximately $20,000 in annual dues. This coupled with a small reserves covers expenses such as website administrative costs, the NOHRPS administrator’s salary, board meeting expenses, Business Volunteers Unlimited membership, travel expenses for the president to participate in HRPS national activities, etc. NOHRPS current has approximately $55,000 in total assets. Our financial model is sound as NOHRPS has been able to continue to offer quality programming at a reasonable cost. In addition, it has not been necessary to increase our annual membership dues for several years.

Thanks to all of you for making NOHRPS a successful and worthwhile professional association. Please pass along program content and speaker recommendations to our programming committee. And please let your professional acquaintances and colleagues know about NOHRPS and encourage them to visit our website at 


Lynn M. Sargi


Program Announcement

March 26, 2009
Experts Within: We have met the experts and they are us
7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Forum Conference Center, One Cleveland Center
Program Sponsored by Oswald Companies

Learn from your peers. The NOHRPS membership and meeting participants hold an exceptional level of knowledge and expertise. Cleveland area companies are engaged in innovative and results focused business practices. This meeting will be structured to stimulate small group discussions which will explore the perspectives and experiences of your peers. Come to share, leave with respect for the work your peers are doing and new ideas to consider for your organization. The two topics for discussion are:
*The Boomer Exodus: Identifying and preparing new leaders
*Espoused versus Practiced culture: Aligning legends, rituals and rights of passage with business results.


Past Program Summary – December 11, 2008

Brian Broadbent (program co-chair and CEO of Business Volunteers Unlimited) reviewed that NOHRPS will again sponsor five members during 2009 to participate in BVU’s Volunteer Trustee Institute where professionals are trained and referred to serve on non-profit boards.  Brian encouraged interested NOHRPS members to contact him.

Jason Averbook, CEO of Knowledge Infusion, provided an energetic program highlighting the importance of using technology to connect to today’s workforce.  With the increasing role of Web 2.0 applications, best-in-class organizations are creating a workforce experience comparable to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.  With four generations in the workforce today, Jason emphasized that integrating Web 2.0 tools can create a competitive advantage by engaging Generation Xers and the Millennials.  Recently, HR has made the move to self-service.  Jason urged HR to advance yet still towards ‘on-demand’ service.  By embracing a digital HR strategy, HR adds greater value so the organization more effectively shares, collaborates, and engages workers.  This requires the organization to embrace the new technology, confront old communication paradigms that traditionally flow top-down only, and leverage the low-cost solutions available. Jason’s session received an overall rating of  4.83.  Once again, Jason delivered one of the highest rated programs in the past six years.  His presentation slides are available at  Some comments from participants included: Superb, got you thinking

The best part of Jason’s presentation is that he challenges everything!, He’s great – we could bring him back again – always more to learn from him.  Two thirds (2/3) of the evaluations stated the content was very important to the individual and their company’s current objectives.


New Members - Please welcome the following new members to NOHRPS!

Tim Araps, VP Human Resources, Avery Dennison
Kevin Doherty, VP Human Resources, Hawk Corp.
Margy Judd, President, Executive Arrangements
Miguel Merzeau, Corporate Benefits and Comp.Manager, Behaert Corp.
Jason Morris, President and COO, employeescreenIQ
Elaine Roberts, HR Business Leader, Progressive


NOHRPS Business and Announcements

We are going GREEN with our marketing machine!

Our May 20 meeting is on Sustainability. To walk our talk, we will convert to all digital (no hard-copy) communications after March 2009.  Future program mailings will come via email exclusively. You can also bookmark our website where you can view the program calendar and make your reservations online, through our registration service provider,

Members: Please confirm your e-mail address is current by updating your profile at or by emailing to

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Thank you for join us in making our programs and promotions more environmentally appropriate.