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Summer 2010

Date Sent: 08/16/2010

Dear NOHRPS Members:

As we head into summer I invite you to look back with me on some of the highlights of the 2009-2010 NOHRPS season: 

Last summer, over 140 NOHRPS members, perspective members, and guests gathered at Great Lakes Brewing for our first Membership and Networking Event evening which featured Brazen Careerist co-founder Ryan Paugh who gave a short overview of key social media trends as they relate to our profession.

We launched our program year with a visit to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland where Economic Analyst Brent Meyer from the Bank provided a thought-provoking and engaging overview of regional labor market trend as well as economic and financial issues.

Focusing on engagement, from OD expert Lisa Haneberg, from MPI Consulting shared national trends and the implications of each for HR executives. We also learned four changes that HR professionals can make to lead their organizations.

For strategic HR leaders the ability to create and manage sustainable change is a core competency.  Dr. Chris Worley from the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California and co-author of “Built to Change” had us considering way to develop a framework for sustainable organizational change.  

In “The Changing World of Work”,  Right Management’s  Tony Santora helped us prepare for the future by  identifying three mega-trends with global implications that will significantly impact HR executives and their teams

Dr. Joe McCune, Director of Rutgers University’s Global Executive Master’s in Human Resource Leadership brought our program year to a close with a focus on the Differentiated Workforce. He provided a unique view of people management focusing on the performance of individuals in truly strategic roles in our organizations.

Every program has received positive evaluations at over 4.0 on a 5.0 scale.  Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback.

In addition to our regularly published newsletters, details about upcoming NOHRPS meetings can be found in key area business publications including Inside Business Magazine, Crain’s and Smart Business. 

In terms of membership, we revised the application and implemented a guest follow up process. We also welcomed 26 new members this year.

After a successful 12 month trial we permanently adopted online meeting registration and expanded its use to processing all membership renewals this year.

Also, NOHRPS maintains a group on LinkedIn, which is another way to stay connected with colleagues.

On the financial side, we shifted to calendar year financial accounting. Our audit yielded positive results with no inconsistencies and a full accounting of income and expenses.

These successes would not have been possible without the hard work of your Board of Directors, Committee Members, and Chapter Administrator. Thank you for your continued dedication.
As the primary professional society for strategic HR leaders, know that we are continuously working to meet your needs for relevant content and community.  I wish each of you a happy and safe summer and look forward to seeing you at our special August Networking Event on August 4 at the Great Lakes Science Center.  (See Details below)

Cyndi McCabe - President


Past Meeting Summary - May 20

The Differentiated Workforce

Dr. Joe McCuen, Professor of Human Resource Management at Rutgers University, saved our meeting by filling in at the twelve hour for our original speaker Dr. Dick Beatty.  Sadly, Dr. Beatty had a medical emergency at the last minute.  Fortunately for us, Dr. McCuen is a pro and conducted much of the research done by Dr. Beatty and his team on human resource strategy and the measurement of aspects of workforce performance.   While this might sound like an overdone HR topic.  It was not. 

Dr. McCuen provided a unique view into how organizations effectively manage and incent their employees.  What made the topic come to life was the seminal research that was prepared by the Rutgers team to demonstrate impact.  They applied leading-edge academic research and years of practical experience to help us understand how to improve our workforce delivery of customer value and how to execute our corporate strategic plans.  The firm of Beatty, Huesilid, Becker and Associates, where Dr. McCuen works, recently released a book, “The Differentiated Workforce”.  NOHRPS members received a copy of this book at the meeting.  If you have not read it yet and/or it is collecting dust on your shelf, we suggest you check it out.   The statistics contained therein that were discussed by Joe,  will help you develop impactful programs.  You will find the book has great real life examples of ways HR impacts strategy and employee engagement.  It is evidence (or ammo) for you to apply in your workplace or consultations.  We found this was a perfect capstone program of our strategic focus for the NOHRPS program year.


Upcoming Summer Event

Mark your calendar, this is a must attend event on August 4 at the Great Lakes Science Center

NOHRPS Quick Math

NOHRPS Summer Event = Great Speaker + Networking + Dinner + a Drink + Parking

 Thanks to our event sponsors: Lee Hecht Harrison 

On August 4, 2010 at 4:30PM, NOHRPS is hosting a summer networking event at the Great Lakes Science Center. This is our 2nd annual networking event which had over 130 people attend last year. The meeting is a casual gathering of prospective and existing members to learn, first hand, about the value of membership and benefits of professional exchange with human resource leaders from across our region. Get the information and exposure you need to decide if becoming part of this dynamic organization is right for you.

Inspirational Leadership is about the "HOW"

In addition to the dinner, friends and drink, there will be a 45 minute presentation from Mark Detelich, Senior Solutions Leader with LRN, on the book “HOW”. His comments address how success no longer lies in what we do; how we do what we do now matters most. In a world where information flows and technology connects us instantly around the globe, the rules of the game for business today have changed dramatically. In HOW: Why How we Do Anything Means Everything…in Business (and in Life), Mark will provide a vision of what we can do to thrive in this new world order.

Invest in your future. Investigate the quality of human resource leadership here in Northeast Ohio. Become part of a group that works hard to expand our regional view of the world and supports economic development through the exchange of sound business ideas. 


NOHRPS Business and Announcements

Cleveland SHRM Mentoring Program

Are you looking to improve or enhance your HR career? Consider participating in Cleveland SHRM's Mentoring Program in partnership with Northeast Ohio Human Resource Planning Society. The Cleveland SHRM mentoring program allows a very unique opportunity to tap the expertise and advice of some of the most experienced Human Resource professionals in NE Ohio.  Benefits for Mentors include:

 * Motivate and support a person to raise his/her level of
 professional attainment
* Develop relationship with new talent and share expertise
* Develop coaching, communication and leadership skills
* Enhance people, management, and relationship building skills
* Engage in a meaningful volunteer opportunity

 Requirements for Mentors:

* Member of Cleveland SHRM OR Member of National SHRM OR Member of
 the Northern Ohio Human Resources Planning Society (NOHRPS)
* PHR/SPHR Certification Preferred
* At least 7 years experience in the Human Resources field 

Submit information by e-mail to Lauren Rudman, VP Education, Cleveland SHRM, Include in subject line: Cleveland SHRM Mentoring Program.

CSHRM Golf Outing on July 29!

Join Cleveland SHRM for their Annual Golf Outing and Silent Auction benefitting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Nothern Ohio Chapter!
Proceeds will be used to continue free services for patients and their families as well as fund vital research towards finding a cure. 

For more info about the event go to or contact Jody Wheaton from CSHRM at


Welcome New Members:

Suzanne Rogachuk - Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Michelle Gorcyzca – Century Federal Credit Union

Barbara Blake – Longview Associates, LLC

Terri Forster - AmTrust North America 

Nichol Higdon – Greater Cleveland YMCA

Sharon J. Bachmann - THE COREY GROUP

Steve Harris - The People Advantage

Bobette Poussart - The Reserves Network