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NOHRPS: Nurturing Future HR Leaders

Date Sent: 09/07/2010

Who Helped YOU Along the Way?

Take a moment to consider how you got to the place you are today. Where did you get all the knowledge, the experience, and the wisdom that makes you the effective HR leader you are?

Sure, some parts of you are self-made -- you've walked through the fire yourself. You've learned the hard way, right?

Isn't it just as true that other people supported you along your way? Who are the teachers, mentors, and coaches who provided you critical feedback or essential knowledge at key moments? Think about how much you benefited from other's stories; and how you were able to avoid some big mistakes or make big gains because your mentors shared their wisdom and counsel with you?

We invite you to Give Back to the profession and share your own wisdom with the next generation of HR leaders. For nearly a decade NOHRPS members have participated as Mentors with the Cleveland SHRM Mentor Program. The local SHRM chapter is currently seeking qualified mentors for their 2010-11 class.

Please see the attached Mentor Application or visit the Mentor page at the Cleveland SHRM website:

The deadline for application is September 10. So on Tuesday you voted for your favorite candidates in the county primaries, today we invite you to nominate YOU for the 2010-11 Mentoring program!